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Posted on:27-6-2014; Tags:black mulberry

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Yesterday, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in a T-90A tanks inspected small bayswater mulberry bag when the drill into its red mulberry purse driver's seat, but because of body fat, the device is new mulberry handbag stuck and can not be drilled tank. After technicians removed some of the mulberry us equipment, Rogozin was successful escape. It seems that Russian President Vladimir Putin fly to heaven, come down to earth to open the tank, into the open sea submarine capability really is not everyone can learn. Technical staff to help get out the jammed deputy mulberry recipes prime minister, Dmitry Rogozin Biede flushed Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin imitate Putin, drill T-90A tanks cockpit, open tanks of addiction over a network source said yesterday, in charge of Russia's mulberry official website uk defense industry Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin visited a mulberry daria satchel T-90A tanks, in order to take a group photo commanding driving a tank, mulberry ledbury handbag he drilled into the tank of the cockpit. As a result, because the driver's door for obese Rogozin too mulberry handbags outlet stores narrow, he was trapped in a tank of. Eventually, mulberry greta the site of the technical staff mulberry factory shop york have to drill into the tank, remove some of the ammunition rack, the turret to the right mulberry official website and lift the mulberry daria bags barrel and, finally, mulberry congo purse a technician drilled into the tank to promote Rogozin body from below upwards. After some effort, the Deputy Prime Minister finally get out. Witnesses said Dmitry mulberry bayswater review Rogozin said mulberry bayswater outlet at the time, never to enter the tank inside. Russian mulberry bayswater black patent President Vladimir Putin often personally driving a variety of military equipment and mulberry bags lily special mulberry bags factory shop transport, to display its powerful image. But it seems to imitate Putin, in addition to extraordinary courage, healthy body is also essential mulberry alexa style bag oh. Take miniature submarine expedition Putin Putin Tu-160 strategic bomber driving mulberry alexa celebrity a tank hatch Putin Putin drilling drilling T-50 fighter cockpit but ...... In fact, for "the most promising after 80 Fat Man" who, what got into the tank The only problem then is not the North Korean leader Kim bicester village mulberry bags Jong-un ...... PT-76 bayswater mulberry bags amphibious tanks driving related topics: Putin, Russia